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Please be aware:

This web app is far from completion; as it stands, I consider this project to be in a pre-pre-alpha build (I’m using both “alpha” and “build” quite loosely in this case). Currently, the purpose of this page, more than anything, is to provide proof of concept and execution. Many features, including some very basic/essential ones, are either missing (add/remove planets, satellites, terrain/textures) or need to be completely reworked (lighting engine, UI/X). On occasion, weird things happen: planets spawn on top of the sun, shadows on planets are way off, etc. At this stage of development, I’m okay with that. Many things are randomized; try refreshing the page a few times to see what I mean. Planned features are numerous (and admittedly a little ambitious) and include ideas such as planet life support and the gradual evolution of that life, among many, many other things. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/hate-mail, you can reach me at This project is being built with jQuery and a healthy interest in the unknown.

Build your own solar system!




Planet Alpha